Duru tha king new charlotte instrumental download

Duru tha king new charlotte instrumental

Name: Duru tha king new charlotte instrumental

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I be with the dope boys like that nigga Ricky Money got me hypnotized like that nigga Biggie It's get rich or die tryin' like that nigga 50 And I'm about to go dumb like Timmy You ain't talkin' money, we look at you funny Lil nigga you wastin' your breath I told my niggas: Nigga go crazy on yappas Run with them choppas, cookin' up beef with that China I'm a young nigga who's solid Max on that shotta, Dub TG that's on my mama Show me a check or show me respect Either way it go I'm comin' for necks These bitches around me, they know I got next You takin' her out, I'm takin' her mouth She strip on the side, I'm dick on the side Broke down a whole brick and got rich on the side Come to my crib, you see killas inside Shout out to Beata, I'm from the north side Bless up to Ghetty, I love the west side Thuggin', thuggin', thuggin', thuggin' it out Boy you should die, come to my city, you might not get out Niggas be claimin' they know me, don't know what you talkin' about Nigga don't try to lil bro me, you'll get a gun in your mouth My nigga that's not a real Rollie, why are you playin' around?